Stand Sign-Up

Stand Sign-Up is open from April 17 – May 12.

Ready to Sign Up for your Lemonade Stand?

First Step: Have You Registered?:

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Have each of your Business Partners registered for Lemonade Day?  Everyone MUST be registered to participate.

Click here to register!

Second Step: Are you the Team Leader?:

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It is important that the Team Leader is the only member of your group to sign up for a stand location.

Please make sure that your team members do not sign up for another location.

Third Step: You Have 3 Options:

The chart below shows the chamber businesses who have already agreed to host lemonade stands.  If you aren’t sure where a business is located you will find a map beneath the table. Simply click on one of the dots and the name and address of the business will pop up.
You have 3 options to sign up for a lemonade stand:
A. You can choose from one of the businesses showing on the chart.  At the bottom of this page you will then need to click on Step 4.  Step 4 will provide the contact information for each of the businesses.  You will be required to speak with the business contact listed to reserve your spot.  (Remember, spots are available on a first-come first-serve basis.)

B: You can contact another chamber business to gain agreement that they will host a stand. A list of other Chamber member business can be found at Business Membership Directory.  If you choose to run a stand at a Chamber member business that is not currently on the drop down, it will only be included on the Official Lemonade Day Map if you sign up by May 12th. Once you have agreement from the business, you will go to Step 5 and enter your lemonade business information into the online form.

C: You can choose to run your lemonade stand at a non-business location in your local neighborhood. However, these locations will not be included on the Lemonade Day map.  You will still need to complete Step 5.

Fourth Step: Contact the Business:

Click here to go to the next step! Make sure you’ve followed all the steps above before moving on.