Critical Stand Info & Timing

Running a Lemonade Stand on May 20th:

  • You, and each of your business partners (kids running stands together as a team), MUST have an online registration/waiver completed by a parent.
    • Go to our lemonade day website home page and click the register now button to complete this information.
  • Sign-Up for Lemonade Stand locations open April 17th! Stand locations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Stand sign-up closes on May 12th.
    • To sign up for a location and register your business, have your Team Leader click on the Stand Sign-Up drop down.
    • Note: If your team selects a Chamber business location that is not on the drop down, it will be included on the Official Map if you complete the stand sign-up process before May 12th.
    • Note: Lemonade stands not at Chamber businesses may only be run in your local neighborhood at a non-business site.  They will not be included on the Official Map.
  • ALL lemonade businesses MUST complete the Stand Sign-Up process.

Lemonade Business Responsibilities:

  • Advertise your business to your friends, family and neighbors – Get the word out!
  • Design, transport and set up your stand and business supplies at your lemonade stand location.
  • Follow all Health and Safety Guidelines!
  • Stay by your stand at all times & provide GREAT customer service!
  • THANK your customers and the business owners of your stand location!
  • Bring trash and/or recycling receptacles and remove them at the close of your business.
  • Remove your stand from the location, and leave the location clean and LITTER-FREE!!

Chaperone Responsibilities:

  • Assist your young entrepreneurs with the set up AND removal of their lemonade stand, all lemonade supplies and any trash/recycling.
  • Get a supply of change before the event so the children are able to make change for their customers.
  • Keep the money in a safe place!

Supervise your young entrepreneurs at all times!